Monday, November 23, 2009

Welcome Back

It's been quite a while, but I'm back... I started this blog in August, had a couple of posts in September, and I've been pretty quiet since then... it's been a busy few months.

A couple months ago I decided to leave my finance job, leave New Hampshire, and move home to Manchester, CT. Now, at over two months into the whole ordeal, I can happily say that I definitely made the right decision.   Living at home has been satisfying- it feels really good to be there for my dad and help out around the house with my mom gone.  My path towards discerning my call to ministry seems to be going well too- we're getting the youth group restarted at my old home town church, I'll start a church immersion experience in February, and I've gotten going on my call process application as well.

The two toughest parts of the last couple months have been getting health insurance (more about that in future posts) and of course finding a job.  The health insurance part has finally been resolved, and later today I'll be heading over for substitute teacher training.   I'm leaving for Thanksgiving week in Colorado tomorrow, but when I get back, I'm hopeful that this season of transition in my life will be pretty much over.

Now for a bit more info about the blog: first, the layout is slightly redesigned.  I added a "Books I'm Reading" and a "Blogs I'm Reading" section, so you can all know a little more about what's currently effecting my thought process.  I'll soon add an "Album's I'm Listening To" section as well... ever since I watched Easy Rider with my dad last week, I've been on a huge 60's kick.

The focus of this blog will be shifting a bit too.  As I begin to explore deeply the concept of the post-modern or "emerging" church movement, that will certainly be reflected here... take this interesting (although overly combative) video from Dan Kimball's Vintage Faith blog for instance:

Well that's about it for now.  One thing that won't change however, is that I'll take it out with a righteous tune.  Here ya go:

Welcome back folks,