Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Christian Response to Rick Perry's Hateful Campaign Ad

Upon first watching Rick Perry's "Faith" ad tonight, I literally felt sick to my stomach.  Gov. Perry not only proclaimed a hateful message just to get some political attention, but he used the Christian faith to do it.  As a gay ally I felt like I was being attacked as well.  Check out the ad:

After my nausea and anger subsided, I watched the video a few more times, and I began to feel profoundly sad.  I felt profoundly sad for my gay sisters and brothers who face messages just like Perry's everyday, I felt profoundly sad for Rick Perry but most of all I felt profoundly sad that this campaign ad that was actually meant to appeal to Christians.  How astray are we that such a hateful message is associated with Christianity?  How is it possible that so many Christians will actually appreciate Gov. Perry's ad?  Most importantly, why are us moderate and progressive Christians so publicly quiet on matters of faith?  The only reason people associate extreme social conservatism with Christianity is because the rest of us don't speak up.
Now, check out this rebuttal spoof ad:

Our "magic spirit guide or whatever" has absolutely not "blessed us with special a-hole privileges."  It is so profoundly sad, yet completely understandable, that this is what many folks, especially young people, think of us Christians.  This is one reason why the Reconciling in Christ movement is so important.  The LGBTQ community has been made to feel so unwelcome by Christians for so long, that congregations need to expressly state they're open to not just tolerating but celebrating God's created humanity in its full diversity.  While RIC is a movement of Lutheran congregations and other communities, many other denominations have similar organizations as well.  I encourage you to be a prophetic witness, speak out against injustice and figure out how you and your faith community can welcome and publicly affirm the lives of LGBTQ believers.  The more we do so, the less we'll frankly seem like "a-holes" and perhaps more folks will be able to hear Christ's good news.

God's peace,


  1. Is there such a thing as a moderate or progressive Christian?

  2. Anonymous: My point exactly... there's absolutely moderate and progressive Christians out there, but unfortunately we just don't make as much noise as the conservative folks. For instance, the church was hugely behind the civil rights movement and Sojourners is an amazing progressive publication.

  3. Love this blog post. Echos my sentiments exactly about Rick Perry's ad, and the slew of responses that followed it (that were often just as divisive as Perry's original ad). Please check out the response to Rick Perry that my sister and I created..

    I have a feeling you will appreciate it! Many blessings, and keep up the inspiring work!

  4. Cali- I absolutely love the video... it's some powerful witness!