Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Long Journey, Amazing Blessings

It's been a long journey since I last updated this blog in April.  I spent this past summer at Camp Calumet Lutheran in New Hampshire, where I was greatly blessed in helping thirty-four amazing teenagers learn how to be camp counselors.  Camp ended, and after two days home in Connecticut, I began my seminary education at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  It's been pretty great experience so far, full of learning, growth and discernment.  Except for a brief hiking trip over Labor Day weekend, this past week was my first time back home.  It's been an interesting week rambling all over New England; visiting friends in Boston, catching a Bob Dylan concert at UMass and spending Thanksgiving at a close friend's home in New Hampshire provided me with a great opportunity to rest and reflect over all that I experienced in the last few months.

Having had such a busy summer and a packed schedule at seminary, I didn't think much about posting again until recently.  A couple weeks back it occurred to me that it might be interesting for folks to hear about my seminary experience and have a little bit of a deeper view of life there.  Right around the same time, I got an email from Tim Dalton, who runs Theology Degrees Online.  The website in general is a really great resource for those looking into all levels of theological education.  I've found Tim's blog section particularly helpful too, as it catalogs all sorts of blog on a given theological topic.  At any rate, Tim was emailing to let me know that Only A Northern Blog was named one of "The Top 50 Lutheran Blogs" (it's number 35). What an honor! And what an impetus to start this up again!

I'm going to try and post here at least weekly, and at least over the next few weeks, I'll try to unpack everything from both this past summer and my first semester at LTSP for all of you.  Check back in soon!

God's peace,