Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Faith Community's Role at OccupyPhilly

I've been meaning to write a second theological reflection on my experience with OccupyPhilly for a while now.  I just watched this footage from ABC6 below, and boy, it's so compelling I had to write something:

Obviously, emotions have very much escalated since police began evicting the OccupyPhilly community from Dilworth Plaza.  While I've haven't personally been able to make it down there in recent days, from email updates I've read it is very clear that the Interfaith Working Group has been working hard to cool tensions and develop productive alternatives to occupying Dilworth Plaza.  Especially after seeing tonight's footage, it looks like OccupyPhilly needs the help of our local faith community to help keep the peace more than ever.

God's peace,

UPDATE (7:02 AM): Right originally posting this I came upon some more footage on OccupyPhilly Media. It looks like from some of the following footage that things were really quite bad tonight:

Are police really trampling folks with horses and pulling knives on people? While this news is still unsubstantiated, I believe our faith community really needs to actively observe what's now happening at OccupyPhilly to help prevent further violence.

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