Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Case for Mustache December @ LTSP

Good look huh?
The holidays can be a difficult time for everyone, but it is especially so for seminarians.  Amidst the hope of Advent, us seminarians can easily get bogged down by papers, studying for finals, and all sorts of other assignments.  The holidays can also bring up a variety of difficult emotions.  As daylight decreases and it gets colder, we begin to stay inside more, and things can get pretty lonely.  Once you add on top of all that the stress of waiting for CPE, internship and first call placements, we can definitely get pretty blue this time of year.

And thus my sisters and brothers I submit for your consideration holding Mustache December at LTSP.  What better way to proclaim the gospel to troubled souls than growing a sweet 'stache?  Through the growing of epic mustaches, the men of our community could join together in solidarity and spread a little Christmas cheer to all.  Recognizing that most women are unable to participate in this movement, I'd argue that you my sisters in Christ come up with something equally as fun.  Maybe we could hold a mustache judging contest around the time finals begin as well, perhaps with a free razor as the prize for best 'stache?  It's just an idea, but let's start the conversation!  If you're at all interested please comment or shoot me an email.  Thanks friends.

God's peace,

PS: Financial aid extrodinare Liz Bruton has endorsed Mustache December, arguing that mustaches will allow folks to save just a little taste of all those holiday goodies for later.

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