Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Psalm for Her City

Had to write my own psalm for a First Testament course this semester and the following is what I came up with... it's based on a conversation I had with a woman who used to call the Occupy Philly encampment her home.

Creator, nurturing mother;
     Your love and beauty fill all the earth.
Nurturing mother;
     You come to even the forbidden places,
     the merciless grid of the city street.
Yet the demons of poverty, and hunger and open-air death dealing
     press in on me.
The hellhounds of addiction, and depression and hopelessness
     seek to overtake me.
How could I remain without your guiding hand?
     What would I do without your comforting embrace?
May you vanquish my enemies O Lord,
     not with the sting of your sword,
     but with the wild shoots of your garden
     breaking forth through blood stained concrete.
I know your attentive ear
     will hear the groans of your child
     stripped of her humanity.
I am blameless Lord.
     I shout your name from atop tenements.
     I shout within burned out rowhouses.
     I shout both night and day.
     I shout you are my strength, my healer, and my champion.

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