Saturday, January 05, 2013

Calumet Yellows Reunion Weekend Update

I've been amazingly blessed to have the opportunity to help out as chaplain at Camp Calumet Lutheran in New Hampshire, where over sixty teenagers and former Yellows campers from the previous summer have reunited for an awesome weekend of fun, friends and exploring their faith.  The theme of the weekend has been the "The Best of Calumet," with gourmet grilled cheese for lunch, favorite songs from the summer and a bunch of awesome option time activities like tubing on the toboggan run, a bonfire on the beach and an epic game of broom-ball.  Earlier in the day, we talked about what Calumet made to us and made time capsules to reopen the coming summer.  Especially as many of the campers will be entering into one of Calumet's leadership programs for future staff this coming summer, it ended up being a really important conversation.  All the kids and counselors have been "live-tweeting" the retreat on Twitter using the hashtag #CCL.  Just a couple awesome things they've come up with:

Having deep conversations of our faith

Sledding was the fabest thing I've ever done

There are many different types of love and it means many different things to many different people

To check out our whole Twitter conversation, either search for #CCL or check out our Storify page.

In terms of some of the stuff I've been working on, we've been talking about ways we respond to God's love, types of service we do, the world we live in, and how it all relates to our identity as people of faith.  Campers have been tweeting the bishop and presiding bishop about what they've been talking about as well.  Gotta go get my costume ready for a theme dinner, but I'll write more soon.

God's peace,

Dustin is currently a vicar at the Lutheran Office for World Community and Saint Peter's Church in Manhattan, having recently completed his second year of a Masters of Divinity program at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. While seeking ordination in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, his focus is on the intersection between worship, service and justice building in de-centralized faith communities unencumbered by a traditional church building. In his free time, Dustin likes playing frisbee, hiking and pretending to know how to sing.

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