Friday, August 14, 2009

Bad Insomnia

Despite almost falling asleep on my way back from bread for your journey, a service put on by a Christian faith community I hang out with called by the way, I have some really bad insomnia. The worst part of insomnia for me is that I always feel like I want to be productive, but only in things that its not particularly productive that I do...I've spent the last two hours reading wikipedia articles on Hellenistic-period mystery religions for instance... WOW.

I haven't really been able to sleep particularly well for the past couple nights though... life is a bit wild nowadays. It's an intense story and I'm too mentally worn to tell it, but over the last couple weeks I've felt one hell of a call to go into the ministry a lot earlier than expected... and the hardest part is that I'm trying to follow that call. Maybe that's why I'm not sleeping that well... all this "following God's call stuff" I guess can keep you up at night.

At bread for your journey tonight, it was funny how pertinent our Bible passage from Ephesians was to my current predicament, particularly verse 5:17 (CEV):

Don't be stupid. Instead, find out what the Lord wants you to do.

I spent my first half of college just trying to have a good time. I spent my second half of college trying to build a great resume. I spent my last year trying to quickly pay off all of my student loans from having that college experience. I want to spend the next few years actually discerning what that Big Daddy in the Sky wants me to do, and not being stupid anymore :) Maybe that is something to lose a bit of sleep over. At any rate, you should check out by the way's blog to read a bit more about what I experienced tonight. Also, if you're up really late reading this, I highly believe Sigur Ros is the best insomnia music:


- Dustin

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