Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Like the Title?

Ya know, I'm really surprised no one snagged "It's Only A Northern Blog" for their own blog title yet... all the kids are online nowadays, talkin' about all sorts of mumbo-jumbo, and frankly I was afraid there wasn't any good real estate left. But yeah... the title was pretty clever huh? I was trying to find something deep sounding for it, to make up for what I assume will be the lack of any real substantial content here, but who knows... maybe it'll be great!! In pursuing a good blog title, I listened to a bunch of Dylan songs, looked at a few Bible passages, and read some intellectual-ist beat poetry... really dug into my leftist-group think roots ya know? I couldn't find anything! How are you supposed to be a big cool cat in the blogosphere without a good title?

Next, I thought of my favorite Beatles song as being a good title, but then I realized "I'm Only Sleeping" would indicate to my readers that I was fairly lazy, which isn't something I wanted added to my online persona. My second favorite Beatles song is "I've Just Seen a Face," but by using that I figured people would think I'm a stalker or something... even worse than being lazy in most circles. Thus, I came to the third Beatles song in line, and it actually worked pretty well.

So here's the deal... it's only a northern blog. I'm just a guy living in New Hampshire with a few ideas that I think a few other folks might be interested in. I like things like religion, music and politics a lot, so I'll probably write about those things a lot. Also, a close friend recently told me I was cartoon character. I, on the other hand, would consider myself a "former hippie, former yuppie, current freelance life artist", but who needs titles anyway? Whether or not I am like a cartoon character, I guess I do tend to fall into some pretty wild stories fairly often, so at least when it won't ruin whatever future I have in this world, maybe I'll be able to tell ya some pretty great stories too!

At any rate, I do think I communicate best through citing songs, so I'll always end each of my posts with a copyright-infringing YouTube clip that really does dig a bit deeper into what I'm talking about and how I'm feeling at the moment. For right now, life's pretty confusing and a little bit wild, so I think this new blog's namesake will do the trick. God's peace.

- Dustin

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